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Free Real Instagram Followers

We all love Instagram followers and now it is a kind of social status in our society, having a large numbers of Instagram followers can make you star between your friends and groups, side by side you can become an Instagram Influencer too and earn good.
There are many ways to boost your profile, but it takes a plan to grow a followers effectively.

However, unlike Facebook and Twitter that are used to generate traffic back to a website, Instagram takes a slightly different approach.
With a profile on Instagram, you can include one clickable link back to your desired URL.
You cannot link your images to a post or URL like you can with Twitter or Facebook. While Instagram can lead to traffic to your site, its main marketing power is its ability to help you establish your brand and increase brand awareness.

Data has revealed that sites with an established and trusted brand have a higher conversion rate. Using Instagram can help to increase trust and brand awareness that leads to the ultimate goal of conversion.

According to some marketing experts, boosting your numbers of Instagram follower is the Holy Grail. There is a lot of blogs on how to get free Instagram followers, free Instagram likes, more shares and more engagement.
After testing more than 50 different methods to boost the profile, I found some of perfect tricks. I’m going to share these tips and trick with you today so you can boost your Instagram account like brand and get more followers:

Connect to Facebook

Connecting your Instagram account with Facebook is one of the easiest and fastest ways to boosting your Instagram account.

The best part about merging your Instagram account with Facebook is being able to follow your Facebook friends from Instagram, who are on Instagram when you have just joined Instagram.
Since this is so convenient, most of us would choose to follow the friends who are already on Instagram.
From my perspective, this scenario means that my Facebook friends will automatically decide to follow me and therefore will be added on to my followers list on Instagram. It’s a quick and easy way to boost your profile.

Don’t buy Bot likes or followers

I know lot of blogger on internet they are saying to do it, but trust me it’s not a good method. These followers and likes will come from BOT Profile that is almost death profile and it will never give you engagement.
It’s much better to have 10 Instagram loyal followers that actually like and comment on your posts, rather than having a profile with 10,000 followers, with zero engagement on your post.
It will always show a fake impression, and show people that your profile have bot like and followers, it will kill your brand trust. It will also effect on monetize your account for further ads.

Use High Quality Image

A picture is worth a thousand words

Images can help your brand or profile to create an emotional connection to your audience, it could be hard to create by other medium.

Instagram is basically developed as sharing images platform. This means that the images your post should be quality images or videos. To get high-quality photos think about lighting, clarity, and background in your images. One easy way to ensure quality in your photos and videos is to designate a permanent space that you know has good lighting, a quality background, and other elements that produce a good photo.

Stick to Your Niche

Stay consistent with what your post. If you are a food blogger and post image related to food on your profile than don’t post image about gym and fitness.
If you have football player account than don’t post about fishing. Always Post relevant photos and videos. This also applies to hashtags. Do some research. Go to your top competitor’s accounts and see what hashtags they are using. We want to take advantage of Hastags.

Use Hashtags and Locations

Another important point on Instagram for wide reach, to expand your reach on Instagram, use hashtags and location tags in all of your posts. This allows your profile to be discovered by new users, to get found by local followers, and to connect with more relevant followers in new areas.

To be even more Instagram-worthy, we suggest adding a custom hashtag. Custom hashtags allow you to authenticate your business, as well as to host contests and giveaways that your followers can engage with.
There is no true science to the amount of hashtags you should use, but they number I see most thrown around is eleven. Put at least 11 well related hashtags on your photos. And make sure to not put the hashtags in the description. This will definitely look spammy. Post the hashtags in a comment. As soon as you share the photo, comment on it by writing out the hashtags you chose. Don’t worry, the picture will still show up in the search results.

Post Frequently

Instagram is continually shifting their algorithm for how they show pictures on news feeds. It is essential to know that the less engaging your posts are the less Instagram will show your photos and videos. So share throughout the day so people see our posts and start engaging with your post. If you post a few times a week, chances are people won’t ever see your photos and eventually your account will be forgotten by them and Instagram will might remove your post from their news feed.

Like and Comment

When you like some profile and comment on their post, you will their followers will come back to you and some will start following you too.
When you trigger the right profile it will definitely happen, once you identify your target then start doing the same for all your target profile, and by doing this you will reach a good numbers of followers in your profile.

Follow others

If you want to build your connection, you need to follow others so they can follow back too. Start following is a fastest and easy way to get other people to follow you back.

Always start following your competitor’s followers that must be follow you back because your brand is similar to their interest.
Don’t follow those:

  • They have an active account.
  • They don’t engage actively with various followers.
  • Their followers are totally different from your segment.

Don’t Be Afraid to Collaborate

Connect with those people who like and share your post and you must do the same for more share and brand authentication. Instagram is a Social Media Marketing site that’s tell us to so be social so be social without any boundaries.
If you want instant followers from your target audience, who could be your quality led then you must try Instagram sponsor ads that can reach your post to the target audience, this can be a costly method for grow your followers, but it is definitely something to consider.

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