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Lockdown imposed by the government

Bringing Business Back on Track During Covid 19

2020 from the beginning only witnessed the health of the economy deteriorating and with the advent of Coronavirus,a pandemic the situation got even worse. Novel coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan, China. As of May 22, the global death toll surpassed 335,218 amid 5,226,104 cases. About 2,102,280 people have recovered from the disease worldwide, according to the data collected by Worldometers. It’s been more than two months since the coronavirus started to flip our lives upside down.

We have taken all the precautions like social distancing, getting used to life without the outdoors, wearing masks and washing our hands continually. The coronavirus is something we never expected. All business and industries are suffering because of this.

business in lockdown


The Lockdown imposed by the government not only put a break to the economic wheel but even raised  a question mark on the functioning of micro, small and medium scale business. Bigger companies can somehow manage themselves because of their cash buffer but what about others? The answer is not at all pleasing and the worst is yet to come. Now worldwide leaders are considering giving some relaxations to start economic activities but with limited employees.


Lockdown imposed by the government


Optimizing Online Channels by using Funnel Approach

The path in front of small business is not so easy and with cut throat competition they have to squeeze maximum out of every penny invested. They have to reach the right customer at the right time at the right cost. The way to this is increasing their digital footprint. 

Even if they are not using any paid online promotions still they can do a lot. But you have to be smart and do marketing as if you’re actually helping others and indirectly doing your marketing. This approach is known as Stealth marketing. 

You have to use multiple online channels, social media to post your content useful for your consumers. Like if I manufacture healthy drinks made up of organic elements then my content will present the benefits of those elements on the human body. Giving quality content not only catches the attention of people but also starts interaction giving us the leads. This relationship will eventually get matured and lead will start converting into the prospects which will convert into our customers. This approach is known as a funnel approach.

Sale Funnel Approach

But doing this requires a well planned strategy and clearly stated objectives. Focussing on small small details will fetch much bigger results. Even the timing of posting a post matters. Putting a right caption, including correct keywords and including the correct hashtags, they all matter.


Paid Media

Now coming to paid online ads, they are of various types which include video ads, display ads, google ads etc. The best part of these ads is that you can have geographic and demographic boundaries i.e. You can actually tune your ads to be viewed by your target audience which can be gender based, interest based, geographical proximity based etc. 

The video ads of zomato if you see on youtube is because you must have searched for some food related videos, articles over google. 

The google ads can be fine tuned by picking the correct strategy. You might want to pay for only people actually visiting your website so you can pick the cost per click(CPC) you want to show it to the masses. You may choose cost per million impressions(CPM) and there are many. The key to your customers is correct keywords. And to help you in this there are some professional digital marketing services providers. 

One of the prominent names in this field is Aiming Solutions which provide end to end solutions for your digital marketing. From creating your website, to developing your logos to optimizing your digital presence. Aiming solutions aim to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect with the customers, and increase your sales, all through excellent digital marketing solutions for your business.


So How to enter and increase your digital presence?


increase your digital presence


The following steps will help


Website creation

First step is to develop a website which is optimized for all screen size, operating systems and browsers. Also including XML files which help the search engine bots to crawl your site. 


Adding relevant information and using correct keywords will help the site to rank better in search results. Adding sitemaps is also a good idea as users can navigate through your website easily especially when your site has multiple pages. If your site has much content then creating directories will declutter your website and enhance the user experience.


Social media handles

Social Media Marketing handles whether Facebook, Instagram, pinterest etc all can really boost awareness about your business in a short span of time if used strategically. It means you have to continuously put in a whole lot of  effort to maintain it and content should engage the audience. 

Not only small companies but bigger companies like Mercedes, Coca cola are also maintaining their social media pages by posting some really high quality content.



This is the way of measuring results of your efforts till now in increasing your digital presence. 

Using analytical tools, we can know which keywords are driving the audience or which social media channel is working best for us and we can fine tune our strategy based upon it. 

There are many metrics available through which you can gauge whether users are liking your content or not, where they are spending their time on your content. How many are actually interacting with your content and list is long. You can choose what metric best works for you.



Adding blogs not only drives more traffic to your website but also helps you to engage with your target audience. Blog not only provides relevant information but brings relevant leads by adding a subscribe button or other call to action. But you can’t just relax by adding just 1 blog, you have to post quality content regularly in a planned manner.



Choosing generic keywords will bring heavy traffic but do they actually bring quality traffic also? The answer is NO. Generic keywords are generally short tail keywords which may correspond to many different queries a person is looking for. So the answer to this problem is using long tail keywords which are very particular and will bring low traffic but of high quality.

Lets understand this by an example, for a digital marketing company say Aiming Solutions the keywords like seo will be short tail and doesn’t mean that people searching for seo actually want a professional service. But long tail keywords like best seo agency for your business may bring people who want to have some professional help.


Paid Ads

This is based upon your spending capacity and budget, various strategies can be employed to get the most out of every penny. You can run short duration campaigns to boost our sales to increase awareness about your business among the masses. 

Gone are the days when companies needed to invest huge amount to increase awareness about their brand, now they do it smartly using online paid promotions which is much cheaper and have a higher success rate as compared to offline promotions.

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